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the celtic society of southern maryland festival

So, as I mentioned last week, this past Saturday, 25 April, was the festival day for the Celtic Society of Southern Maryland. I’ve been a part of this event since 2007 (this one was my 9th!), and I’ve seen every type of weather over the years. One year, it was so hot, that everyone was looking for any bit of shade to escape the heat. This year, we were all freezing.

The festival coordinators keep moving us fiddlers around a bit, looking for the perfect location at the festival. This year, they put us in a tent…just across from a very active and loud power generator. One of the fiddlers mentioned that the generator was droning on, in an out-of-tune cycle of “B” major–of course, most of the tunes wouldn’t harmonize with that at all.

I think the cold kept the competitors at bay as well, for we had only a small group of five. None-the-less, those five treated us to some fine scottish-style fiddling, and, for my part as steward, I was glad to help out for the morning.

After that, I sampled the music from the many, many stages around the festival, and I also sampled the beer from the many, many vendors around the festival. In both instances, there were far too many choices to take them all in, but I gave it a good try.

If you were there, I hope you had a grand time; if not, I hope to see you there next year.

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