DrewStory – The Short Version


While this isn’t quite the whole story, it does cover most of the interesting bits.  First, here’s the third-person, short version:

Drew’s hybrid celtic-acoustic folk-rock sound has many influences, ranging from Pete Seeger to Pete Townshend. His main focus has always been the singer-songwriter tradition, which began in earnest in the 1960s, and, for Drew, is geographically centered around the nations bordering the North Atlantic.  Drew also draws from the energy and diversity of Celtic music from Ireland and Scotland; and the vitality of acoustic music in the pop and rock genres. Through blending these styles, and allowing their traditions to influence lyrical content, Drew has created his own unique, celtic-acoustic, folk-rock sound.


Drew has performed for audiences in many parts of the world. He spent three years working as a musician in Europe, and, during that time, he performed extensively in Germany and Ireland.


Now, Drew lives in the countryside, near Westminster, Maryland, and frequently performs in different musical formats, with various local artists and solo.

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